How to Effectively Heat Your Home with a Heat Pump

How to Effectively Heat Your Home with a Heat Pump

As energy costs continue to rise and homeowners become more conscious of their environmental impact, finding efficient and eco-friendly ways to heat your home has become increasingly important. One such solution is the heat pump – a versatile, energy-efficient, and cost-effective alternative to traditional heating systems. But how exactly does a heat pump work, and … Read more

Breathe Easy & Save Money: The Power of Heat Recovery Ventilators

the Power of Heat Recovery Ventilators

Welcome to energy-efficient and comfortable living! Planning to build or buy a house? This article is for you. In today’s world, where energy efficiency and indoor air quality are crucial, heat recovery ventilators (HRVs) have emerged as a popular solution. This comprehensive guide covers the benefits of using an HRV in your home, its functionality, … Read more

How Much Electricity Does An Oil-Filled Heater Use?

Oil Filled Heater

Modern electric oil-filled heaters tend to run at a maximum of 1,500 or 2,000 Watts. They can also be adjusted to run at lower power down to about 600 Watts. Most oil-filled heaters come with a thermostat that makes them very efficient at using electricity. The thermostat monitors the temperature of the room. It can … Read more

How Many Amps Does An Oil Heater Use? (All Answers)

How Many Amps Does An Oil Heater Use

The number of amps that your oil heater uses depends on the power setting of the heater and the type of voltage. The power setting is measured in Watts and is usually marked very clearly on the packaging. The number of watts, e.g. 1500 W, is often part of the brand name of the appliance. … Read more

Do You Put Fire Bricks On The Bottom Of A Wood Stove?


Has your new wood stove arrived with the fire bricks in a separate box? You may be wondering if you line the bottom of the stove with fire bricks. Some stoves are designed not to need them on the floor. We’ll explain how to double-check your unit. We’ll also show you how to install or … Read more

How To Get Rid Of A Creosote Smell From A Wood Stove

Wood stove

If you inherit or move into a house with a wood stove and there is a strong creosote smell, then you should get the stove and chimney inspected immediately. Do not light the stove again until the installation has been fixed or given a clean bill of health. But what if you’ve fixed the problem … Read more

Why Does My Fan Heater Spark? (Six Reasons Explained)


There are several reasons why an electric fan heater produces small sparks. This article explains the six most common reasons. We start with four situations that are usually nothing to worry about, but we have tips to avoid sparking. If you encounter the last two situations, you should turn off the heater and replace it. … Read more

How Long Do Fire Bricks Last In A Wood Stove? (Best Tips)


It’s not unusual to see cracks appear in the fire bricks that line the interior of a wood stove. Hairline cracks are usually not a problem. However, if there is a large gap or the brick has started to crumble, then you should replace them. There are ways you can ensure that your bricks last … Read more

Do Cast Iron Stoves Need Fire Bricks? (Explained)

A friend bought a house with an old cast iron wood stove. When he looked inside, he was surprised that there were no fire bricks. There also didn’t appear to be room to insert new bricks into the back or sides of the interior. He asked me what he should do, so I did a … Read more

Why Use Fire Bricks In A Wood Stove? (Explained)

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Many modern wood stoves are designed to use fire bricks that line the interior casing. The fire bricks are designed to: This article explains each of these benefits in plain English. We also look at what happens if you use a stove that is missing the fire bricks it should contain. We strongly advise that … Read more