Do Oil Filled Heaters Smell? (Important Facts)

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Have you started to notice a smell from your oil filled heater? This may be nothing to worry about, or it could indicate a serious defect with the unit. This article runs through possible causes, and how to deal with them. Types Of Smells Reported By Owners A variety of smells are reported by worried … Read more

How To Dispose Of Oil Filled Heaters Safely

How To Dispose Of Oil Filled Heaters Safely

Because oil is a hazardous waste material, you can’t simply dispose of your oil filled heater with your domestic trash. But you may also have difficulty getting your local waste depot to accept it. We’ll explain how to dispose of your unit safely, with lots of tips for finding the right local places that will … Read more

Do Oil Filled Heaters Dry The Air? (Explained Simply)

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Many people will tell you that oil filled heaters dry the air in a room. That is their honest perception through uncomfortable experiences of dry mouths and itchy skin. But it’s not true that their oil filled heater is drying out the air. There’s a scientific explanation to this that’s based on some complicated terminology. … Read more

Can You Leave An Oil Filled Heater On All The Time? (Explained)

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I don’t tend to leave my oil filled heaters on constantly (I use a timer). But occasionally I come downstairs on a cold morning and the living room is much warmer than I expect. And I know that I’ve left the heater on all night! Thankfully, my only worry is the extra heating bills. Why? … Read more