Why And How Long Does A New Wood Stove Smell?

digital illustration of a room with an open window

It’s normal for a new wood stove to smell like chemicals or burnt paint. This article explains why and how long a new stove will smell this way. We also show how to reduce the unpleasant effects inside your house. There are rare cases when the smell doesn’t go away, and we lay out what … Read more

How Close Can A TV Be To A Wood Stove?

how close can a TV be to a stove

Is there anything better in winter than watching a great movie on your TV while enjoying the warmth of a wood stove? My TV stand is in a corner six feet away from my wood stove. My friends have a big flat screen mounted above a stove they keep burning through winter on a full … Read more

How Close Can Furniture Be To A Wood Stove? (Best Tips)

How Close Can Furniture Be To A Wood Stove

International standards for wood stoves say that furniture should not be closer than 3 feet or 36 inches. Many brands and models specify a higher distance than this minimum. One of the most popular models in the U.S. specifies four feet or 48 inches. These distances are to protect combustible furniture from fire. However, you … Read more

How Much Does A Wood Stove Weigh? (Numbers)

How Much Does A Wood Stove Weigh

We examined the weights of twenty-three wood stove models from four of the top-selling brands in the United States. The heaviest model was over 2 ½ times the weight of the lightest of these popular stoves. You may prefer a lighter appliance but does that mean you must accept smaller dimensions or shorter burn hours? … Read more