How Many Amps Does An Oil Heater Use? (All Answers)

The number of amps that your oil heater uses depends on the power setting of the heater and the type of voltage.

The power setting is measured in Watts and is usually marked very clearly on the packaging. The number of watts, e.g. 1500 W, is often part of the brand name of the appliance.

The type of voltage isn’t always so obvious. It is usually about 120 V or 240 V. The Volts are also marked on the packaging and will be in the specifications. You just have to hunt for the number.

Amp Usage Of Common Oil Heaters

The least powerful oil-filled heaters are 500 W. The most powerful go up to 1,500 W.

Many models fall in between these ranges. And most modern appliances have several different power settings.

Amp Usage Of Common Oil Heaters

This table shows how many amps that the most common oil heater use:

5004.2 Amps2.1 Amps
7005.8 Amps2.9 Amps
8006.7 Amps3.3 Amps
10008.3 Amps4.2 Amps
150012.5 Amps6.3 Amps

How To Calculate The Amps Your Heater Is Drawing

But what if your heater has a more unusual power setting e.g. 600 W or 900 W.

The calculation of how many amps it draws is quite easy.

The number of Amps equals the number of Watts divided by the number of Volts.

In other words, this is the simple formula:

Amps = Watts / Volts

Amps Drawn By Most Levels Of Heater Wattage

If you have an unusual setting and want to double-check your calculation, we’ll make it easy for you.

I’ve broken down the Wattage into different sections. Just scroll down until you find the setting that you need.

500 Watts or under

1000.8 Amps0.4 Amps
2001.7 Amps0.8 Amps
3002.5 Amps1.3 Amps
4003.3 Amps1.7 Amps
5004.2 Amps2.1 Amps

Up to One Thousand Watts

6005.0 Amps2.5 Amps
7005.8 Amps2.9 Amps
8006.7 Amps3.3 Amps
9007.5 Amps3.8 Amps
10008.3 Amps4.2 Amps

Up to 1,500 Watts

11009.2 Amps4.6 Amps
120010.0 Amps5.0 Amps
130010.8 Amps5.4 Amps
140011.7 Amps5.8 Amps
150012.5 Amps6.3 Amps

1500 Watts to 2000 Watts

160013.3 Amps6.7 Amps
170014.2 Amps7.1 Amps
180015.0 Amps7.5 Amps
190015.8 Amps7.9 Amps
200016.7 Amps8.3 Amps

Electricity And Costs

We have a separate article that explains how much electricity your oil-filled heater is using.

Are you wondering how the number of Amps drawn impacts how much you’re paying?

Of course, now we have another variable to add to the equation i.e. the cost of electricity in your area.

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