How Much Does A Wood Stove Weigh? (Numbers)

We examined the weights of twenty-three wood stove models from four of the top-selling brands in the United States.

The heaviest model was over 2 ½ times the weight of the lightest of these popular stoves. You may prefer a lighter appliance but does that mean you must accept smaller dimensions or shorter burn hours?

Let’s get into the details.

How Much Do Wood Stoves Weigh?

Wood stoves for household use weigh an average of 397 lbs. That’s about the weight of an adult gorilla or four bags of cement.

The lightest stoves are about 215 lbs while the heaviest in our survey was 570 lbs.

Wood stoves are made of cast iron or plate steel, which is why they weigh so much.

These weights don’t include separate pedestals that come with some models.

The popular brands we investigated had twice as many stoves made of cast iron than those made of steel. Cast iron stoves averaged about 23 lbs heavier than their steel counterparts.

Weight Differences Between Different Dimensions

You won’t be surprised to learn that the larger the square footage of the stove, the heavier it will weigh.

But the differences between a stove of 2,000 and 3,000 square feet may surprise you. Take a look at three different models below from the United States Stove Company. There are over 70 lbs difference for the extra 500 square foot.

SQ FootWeight
United States Stove Company

Below are three models from Lopi Stoves. There’s an even greater discrepancy of 120 lbs between the middle and largest stove in dimension.

ModelSQ FootWeight
Answer NexGen-Frye1,400300
Rockport Hybrid-Fyre2,000450
Lopi Stoves

Weight Differences Between Steel And Cast Iron Stoves

I mentioned earlier that stoves made of cast iron tend to be heavier than those made of steel. This will be true when the dimensions of two different stoves are similar.

The table below summarizes the average, lightest and heaviest weights.

The numbers for steel are skewed by one behemoth. That monster of 570 lbs is the heaviest of all. But the next heaviest steel model is 455 lbs.

Cast Iron405215513

Do Heavier Stoves Mean Longer Burn Hours?

Of the four brands we investigated, United States Stove Company don’t publish burn time as part of their specifications. So, we’ve left them off the list.

Blaze King publishes a min to max range e.g. 10 to 14 hours. To make life easier, I’ve taken the midpoint of those ranges.

There isn’t a lot of correlation between the weights and the burn hours.

In other words, don’t assume that the heavier stoves give longer burn time. The model in our survey with the highest burn hours is 120 lbs lighter than the heaviest model.

It’s also important to understand that the burn hours published by the manufacturer’s don’t mean how long before you have to replace a single log in your stove. No, that’s not ten hours of burning!

Check out our article on how long logs burn in a wood stove before you have to throw more in.

BrandModelBurn HoursWeight
Vermont CastingsAspen10215
LopiAnswer NexGen-Frye8300
Vermont CastingsIntrepid8348
Blaze KingPrincess Classic11370
Vermont CastingsDauntless11390
Blaze KingBoxer 2411440
LopiRockport Hybrid-Fyre10450
Blaze KingKing 4015450
Vermont CastingsDefiant14475
Vermont CastingsEncore12475
Blaze KingAshford 3011513

What Is The Lightest Wood Stove?

The lightest stove we included in our review was a 215 lbs model from Vermont Castings.

However, there was one anomaly that we excluded. We were surprised to see a model from United States Stove Company that weighed in at a mere 142 lbs.

I mentioned that the average of 400 lbs is about the size of a gorilla, and you wouldn’t fancy lifting one on your own. But this undersized unit is a little lighter than a beer keg.

When I looked at the appliance more closely, I realized that the company describes it as for use in a log cabin or a garage. In other words, it’s not meant for a standard house. This is why I excluded it from our numbers.

All Weights In Our Review

Here is all the reference data used for our survey. The specifications were examined in August 2022.

BrandModelWeight (lbs)
Vermont CastingsAspen215
United States StoveAshley Hearth246
United States StoveAshley Hearth296
LopiAnswer NexGen-Frye300
Blaze KingChinook 20.2320
Blaze KingSirocco 20320
Vermont CastingsIntrepid348
Blaze KingPrincess Classic370
United States StoveAshley Hearth370
United States StoveAshley Hearth370
Vermont CastingsDauntless390
Blaze KingSirocco 30.2415
Blaze KingBoxer 24440
LopiRockport Hybrid-Fyre450
Blaze KingAshford 20.2450
Blaze KingChinook 30450
Blaze KingKing 40450
Vermont CastingsDefiant475
Vermont CastingsEncore475
Blaze KingAshford 30513
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